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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
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Film Series Event and "Fed Up" a Smashing Success!

Written by Joe Wallace

Before the film rolled at the County Theater a palpable excitement hung in the air.  Friends and neighbors filled the isles, chatted in the lobby, and found themselves comfortable in their seats.


Not a single seat was left empty as we prepared to start.

Narrated by Katie Couric, "Fed Up" took a hard look at the Obesity Epidemic facing America's young people.  The film emphasized that the blame has shifted entirely to those who are overweight.  While there is always personal responsibility, the film stressed that parents and children are unfairly targeted by processed and sugary food companies.  We followed 3 children on a journey of discovery as many realized their notions of 'healthy food' were in fact unhealthy in disguise.  The film discussed the addictive qualities of sugar, and how many children are indoctrinated from infancy to make poor lifelong nutritional choices.

"Fed Up" focused on lobbying efforts over the past years to stop government regulation of advertisements to children and effective food labeling.  In each instance, food industry lobbyists have halted progress to provide healthy choices to the American public.

After the film, our panelists Michelle Verona-Williams, Deborah Bernstein, Michael Cawley, Mary McDonald, and Josh Tyler took the stage (more on our panelists at the bottom of the page).


Our full-theater discussion was incredible.  The audience asked questions ranging from the forgotten impacts of sodium, effects of antibiotics on children, the true balance of exercise and health eating, and how to fix a broken system within our community.  The panelists offered a bounty of evidence and experience-based responses.  

Many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and the County Theater - truly a great success for all!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their support of the Doylestown Food Co-op's screening of Fed Up: 

  • Beth Snyder, DMD
  • Bucks County Pediatrics, Michael Cawley, MD
  • Bucks County Foodshed Alliance
  • Bucks County Taste
  • Bucks Country Gardens
  • Circle Speech Services
  • Class-Harlan Dream Team, Meg Roth, Heather Walton, and JoAnn Maroney
  • Finally Free Counseling, Michelle Danella, RD, MA, LDN
  • Holistic Healing Center, Dr. Debbie Bernstein
  • Jules Thin Crust
  • Monument Bank
  • Natural Awakenings Magazine, BuxMont
  • Pediatric Nutrition Counseling, Michelle Verona-Williams, MS, RD, LDN
  • The Solebury Club, Karate
  • The Tubby Olive 

Many thanks to our panelists who participated in our movie panel discussion: 

  • Michelle Verona-Williams, MS, RD. LDN has been a pediatric nutrition specialist for 15 years. Her areas of expertise include Infant and Toddler Nutrition, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sports Nutrition.
  • Deborah R. Bernstein, MD offers her patients a unique blend of specialties, combining traditional medical training with holistic and nutritional certifications. Her orientation tends to focus towards nutrition, functional medicine, and holistic medicine.
  • Michael Cawley, MD has been a practicing pediatrician for 30 years and is also board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.This has enhanced his understanding of child development, typical and atypical, and has helped to shape his philosophy of placing the child's health within the larger context of family and community. 
  • Mary McDonald, has a Master’s degree in Education and a health coach certification. She is a Central Bucks high school teacher, a mom of four daughters, and an advocate for healthy food choices.
  • Josh Tyler is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and oversees fitness and youth development at the Y. He pays attention to the role of exercise in conjunction with healthy eating for children and adults.

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