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29 W State St., Doylestown PA
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MON-FRI: 10:00am - 7:00pm
NEW! SAT: 9:00am - 6:00pm
SUN: 10:00am - 6:00pm
A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
29 W State Street, Doylestown PA | Map
Phone: 215-348-4548 | Parking Info
MON-FRI: 10:00am - 7:00pm | NEW! SAT: 9:00am - 6:00pm | SUN: 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Raw, Organic, and Gluten-free: Introducing Awesome Foods

Marsha and Bruce of Awesome FoodsAwesome Foods is the name of the locally prepared foods business created by Bruce and Marsh R. Weinstein in 2005 located in Montgomery County, PA. The packaged meals and snacks are raw, organic, and gluten-free, and by my personal taste test standards, delicious, and, well, awesome!

Most of the product line is unsweetened, however, for those items that are sweet, they are made with sweeteners low on the glycemic index and low in fructose. The Doylestown Food Market carries a variety of both the fresh and snack items such as Eggless Salad, Better than Turkey Salad, Raw Pizza, Raw Lasagna, Nori Spring Rolls, Vegetable Tempera, Falafel, and more. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Marsha to learn more about her, and Bruce, and the business. Marsha explains how the business came to be: “We started eating raw food in 2003 and felt a lot better. At the same time, we found that a lot of the raw food products on the market were full of honey and dates; they were all sweet snacks. We have hypoglycemia and having a lot of sugar in our diet is detrimental. We couldn’t eat a lot of the raw food snacks so we decided to start our own food business.” 

In addition to Awesome Foods, the couple has owned a health food store, Nature's Harvest, in Willow Grove, PA since 1992. While both hold degrees in business, Marsha describes their health education as “a personal education of living and trying different things.”


Understanding the importance of food for nutrition and health, Marsha and Bruce experimented with various diets during their college years. “We tried being vegetarians and certain things didn’t work for us. We learned our body types; we listened to our bodies and discovered what we like and what’s good for us. We saw how important starting a food company is because we believe food is the best medicine on the planet. We decided to enter the health business through a store and then go into manufacturing.”

Marsha adds: “When we went into business we wanted to keep things simple, with high quality. The whole focus of our business is about the food. It’s not about Bruce or Marsha. It’s about putting out a food, a product, where people can make a choice. We’re trying to revolutionize the way people eat – we believe that if you eat better, you will feel better, and you will live longer.” 

AwesomeFoodsLogo.pngYou will have two opportunities to sample some Awesome Foods at the Market during the month: Fun First Friday, September 2, from 5 -7pm, and then again on Saturday, September 17, from 1-3pm. Receive 20% off all Awesome Food products in September!

Learn more about Awesome Foods on their Facebook page and website: www.awesomefoods.com

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