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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
29 W State Street, Doylestown PA | Map
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Naturally Expensive: Our Response

On Sunday, July 30, the Intelligencer published two important articles on the importance of and the challenges to eating healthy – “Naturally Expensive” and “Fresh Ideas for Affordable Fruits and Vegetables”.

We at the Doylestown Food Market greatly appreciate the Intell bringing attention to this important topic.  Through our non-profit arm, we run many educational activities on how and why to eat healthy foods as well as emphasizing the benefits of supporting local farmers and producers.  These include monthly book clubs, three movies a year at the County Theater, and Food Education (FED) Talks.  We also offer an article we created called “How to Eat Healthy on a Budget”.


Here are some tips that may help those seeking to eat healthier.

  • Healthy eating is not a diet that you do for a few weeks.  It is a lifestyle change that has many benefits.  These include increased energy, reduced toxins, a stronger immune system, and better weight management just to name a few.
  • Eating meals made with clean, fresh nutritious ingredients is healthier, tastier and can be more filling.
  • Planning a menu and sticking to it helps reduce cost.  Shop from a list, and not when you are hungry if you want to save money!
  •  Shop and eat local seasonal foods.  They are fresher, full of nutrients, and taste better than out-of-season food that must be transported many miles to get to your table.
  • Buy extra fresh fruits and vegetables in season, then freeze or can them for use all winter.  Lower cost and excellent nutrition!  Tasty too! 
  • Make and freeze sauces, soups, stews and more for easy meals all winter long.
  • Shop for bargains.  For example at our Market, we have many items on sale every day, we have “dollar bags” of fresh produce that can be used to make great dishes at home, and we have bulk organic nuts, beans, grains and more and very competitive prices. 
  • Remember, in the long run, not eating healthy is more expensive!  The effects on the body of eating healthy increase the likelihood that you will remain healthy longer and have lower health care costs.

 Need financial assistance? 

  • Many farmers accept food stamps at farmers markets.  For example, Roots to River at the Doylestown Farmers Market and Blooming Glen at Wrightstown.
  • The Doylestown Food Market accepts food stamps every day.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has a program to provide financial assistance.  The WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provide WIC recipients and low-income seniors with fresh, nutritious, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from approved farmers' in Pennsylvania.  Seniors can go to the Central Bucks Senior Activity Center in Doylestown.
  • Organizations like Rolling Harvest regularly bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our area food pantries.  The Doylestown Food Market sometimes makes donations too.

Consider shopping regularly at the Doylestown Food Market.

  • Everyone is welcome to shop.
  • We provide easy access to organic and near-organic produce, locally raised meats from pastured animals, dairy, eggs and more. 
  • You can get clean, fresh, nutritious products from many local farms and producers.  And they don’t have to work farmers’ markets everyday because we bring their products to you.

We hope that the Intelligencer articles and the tips in this column help people to make the choice to eat healthy.  We are committed to helping the members our community do just that.  Stop in, we’ll be glad to give you more tips!


John LaSala


Doylestown Food Market




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