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29 W State St., Doylestown PA
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MON-FRI: 10:00am - 7:00pm
NEW! SAT: 9:00am - 6:00pm
SUN: 10:00am - 6:00pm
A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
29 W State Street, Doylestown PA | Map
Phone: 215-348-4548 | Parking Info
MON-FRI: 10:00am - 7:00pm | NEW! SAT: 9:00am - 6:00pm | SUN: 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Member/Owner Meeting was a ton of fun!

This time, it wasn't snowed out. Our rescheduled semi-annual meeting and pot luck dinner was successfully executed on Sunday, January 19. Thanks to the Doylestown Presbyterian Church, the food co-op members enjoyed a spacious, brightly lit, pleasant setting for our get-together…..and easy, free parking! Perfect.

The event was especially celebratory, given the fact that we recently opened our food co-op store. There was so much to talk about -- how great the store looks, how great the products are, how wonderful that it is now a 'fait accompli' -- a consequence of months of endless hours of volunteer labor provided by the members and local contractors -- building, plumbing, electrical, painting, cleaning, stocking products, etc.. In addition to providing a wonderful opportunity for members to celebrate and get to know each other better, the meeting provided an opportunity for members to get an update on what is now needed and the next steps we will be taking to ensure the success of the food co-op. Lisa White, the President of the Board, introduced the various members of the board and described their roles in the co-op. In turn, the members of the board who serve as chairs of various committees recognized volunteers who were especially helpful in making the opening of the store a reality. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect names to faces, and to learn more about the various tasks that need to be implemented to make the food co-op successful. Lisa also identified many of the members of the community who donated items, saving us thousands of dollars. Without the volunteer hours and the volunteer donations, we would not be where we are. It takes a village…..and happily, we have a village.

But wait. There's more. Members got to learn more about each other through a fun game called "Human Treasure Hunt". Our challenge was to identify something unusual about as many people in the room as possible -- who was born in another country, who ran a marathon after age 30, who has no cavities, etc. And, the group was entertained by the "Best Rotten Joke Game". Created and emcee'd by Joel Metzger, four active members of the food co-op -- Leslie Carlson, John La Sala, JoAnn Maroney and Jim Morano, volunteered to compete with each other to 'deliver' the rotten jokes. The winner, the most entertaining presenter, was JoAnn Maroney.

Another unique feature of this meeting was the fact that members had the option of bringing non-members with them as guests, so that they would have an opportunity to learn more about our co-op and meet the member community. There was no effort to convince them to join; the intent was quite simple -- here is who we are, what we are doing for ourselves and the community, and why.

But, the BEST part of the evening was the food. Ohhhhhh, the food! Endless home-made dishes of nutritious food. Each member brought a favorite recipe to share with others, along with a card naming the dish and its' recipe. Yummy. Educational. Healthful. And filling. Clearly, and not surprisingly, folks who join a food co-op know how to prepare food that it is both tasty and healthful. Of course, many of us wanted to try "just a little bit" of each of the countless dishes. I'm betting NO one needed a snack later that evening.

A good time was had by all.

Here are some photos from the event!











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