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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
29 W State Street, Doylestown PA | Map
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Meet the Fulper Family and their Sustainable Family Farm


There’s something soothing and satisfying about visiting a local farm, meeting the farmers, and the animals, inhaling all those “special” smells, taking in the vast view of the fields. I totally enjoyed my visit to Fulper Family Farmstead and having the opportunity to talk and walk with Gina Davio, the Marketing and Sales Manager, as she gave me a tour and answered my questions.


Three years ago the fifth generation Fulper family began making its own products under the brand, Fulper Family Farmstand, as one of several creative ways to remain sustainable. Gina explained: “We have a contract with Readington Farms. They pick up our milk every other day and take it to their farm to pasteurize it. And then it goes out under the ShopRite label. We’re allowed to keep six percent of our milk for own products. Six percent might not seem like a lot, but it is.” Gina continued, “We have one person making all our dairy products who has added a number of accolades to his craft. Our dairy products have won awards nationally.” The Doylestown Food Market carries a variety of the Fulper cheeses:  Mozzarella, Nigella Seed Mozzarella String, Red Pepper Mozzarella String, Ricotta, and Aged Cheddar. 

One of the other ways the family farm remains sustainable includes growing five varieties of grass, soybeans and corn, all which are incorporated into the cows diet. The farm has also created a solar renewable energy system. Gina comments, “We’ve got three quarters of an acre of solar panels that produces over 500 kilowatts of electricity per day – more than we need for the farm.” There is also a focus on soil conservation.



“We don’t till the fields which helps retain the topsoil and not leave yourself open to erosion.” Then there is the turning the manure from the cows into compost. Gina explains, “We have a lagoon of liquid manure which is a way of lessening our carbon footprint. The lagoon has tunnels underneath it that go to the closest fields – next to us and across the street. We use less gasoline and machinery because it’s being piped underground then pumped out to fertilize the fields with something that looks like a big lawn sprinkler.” 


Always innovative, the Fulper Family recognizes the importance of educating the consumers, and especially children, about what happens on a farm, and where their food comes from, and they devote a portion of their time to agri-tourism. “We arrange farm tours open to the public twice a month. We schedule a lot of field trips with different organizations and schools during the week. Larger groups often have a more specific focus and we the tailor tours to what the students are specifically studying.” 


What most inspires Gina, a rare non-family member of the team, about her work?

“Coming from a social services background, not an agricultural background, the science behind all of what happens on a farm is fascinating. I love this environment; I love open spaces; I love being near the cows. I love the family’s work ethic. It’s so amazing. Their dedication to the farm is inspiring. I see the values they put into practice every day. The Fulpers are a great example of a small family farm that is continually striving to be sustainable and keep it going. 

You will have two chances to meet Gina and taste a variety of the Fulper cheeses:

Join us during our Fun First Friday festivities on May 6 from 5-8 PM to sample Fulper cheeses, along with a sip of wine while listening to live music.


You’ll have another opportunity on Saturday, May 21, from 1-3 PM.

Remember, all Fulper Family Farmstead products are discounted 20% during the month of May.

You can learn more about the business on their Facebook page and at their website, fulperfarms.com.

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