Mainly Mushrooms Featured Producer


Chris Darrah originally started foraging mushrooms over 20 years ago. Through Mainly Mushrooms, he now provides wild-foraged and other locally-grown mushrooms to more than 15 restaurants in the Bucks County area and to frequenters of the Doylestown Farmers market.

His foraging knowledge was passed to him from an aging antiques dealer and forager who shared her hunting spots and taught him how to find the good mushrooms and avoid the poisonous “look-alikes.” Chris says the Doylestown Food Co-op will offer him a “Wonderful way to expand my business, and a way I can provide something that is wild-foraged to the general public.” Chris hopes to expand the variety of his offerings by starting a small-scale exotic mushroom facility that will produce, among other varieties, shiitakes and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms.


The mushrooms in the photo are, from top to bottom: Maitake (a.k.a. Hen of the Woods), Oyster, Hedgehog, dried Morel, and Yellowfoot Chanterelle.

Photos by Denise Marshall

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