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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
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Chocolates made with Love: LUV Superfoods


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I must admit – I loved meeting with LUV Superfoods producer, Lisa Leleu, as she offered me a delightful cup of herbal tea from France, and my choice of one of her chocolates. We sat in cushy chairs, sipped our tea, ate our chocolates, and talked about life, learning, a personal journey from illness to health, a business journey from toys to chocolate, and plans for the future.

Health consultant and author David Wolfe defines superfoods as “vibrant, nutritionally dense foods.” Lisa makes her organic raw chocolates filled with lots of superfood ingredients such as raw honey, gogi berries, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and a variety of seeds — hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, chia. She’s also in her kitchen developing new recipes, and may even come out with a few white chocolate combinations and possibly an almond buttercup. 

When asked how she entered the food business, Lisa responded: “Purely by accident.” Starting out in toy design and manufacturing, somewhere along the way stress and migraines became part and parcel of the business. Then her best friend died from cancer two months after being diagnosed. “It’s what triggered me to stop manufacturing toys. I decided life is too short; stress is not worth it. I just made the decision I wasn’t going to do that to myself anymore. I feel like she was looking after me after she left.” 

Committed to finding a non-medication solution to her migraines, Lisa started reading food ingredients. “When I went to the store to buy food, I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have hidden MSG ingredients - everything processed had either one or several.”

When Lisa started making her own foods at home the migraines disappeared. “It opened my eyes and took me on a journey of understanding how food makes you feel." 

LUV Superfoods Production
LUV Superfoods Production

Having experienced the power of food in improving health, Lisa started an educational health website because, as she says, “The only way to help people is to educate them.” Starting the website inspired her to get her certification in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That’s where she found herself drawn toward the raw food diet and superfoods. “I saw the changes in my family. Everything was homemade and I felt the difference in the household. I could see the environment change from cranky and impatient to peaceful and loving – amazing! 

LUV Superfoods That’s when Lisa decided to make her own personal stash of raw chocolate and put as many superfoods in it as she could. One day she shared it with a very good friend with “impeccable taste” who absolutely loved the “journey of flavors” she was experiencing. Joined by her friend’s encouragement, her husband and kids were saying, “You should really sell these; they’re really good.” And that’s how the chocolate business began – “purely by accident.” 

Through her own experience Lisa believes, “If you eat a certain way it changes your life.” She realizes she’s inspired, and is passionate about inspiring others. “I’m thrilled how food changed my life – for my body, soul, mind, my family. It creates love and happiness in my life.” 

Who wouldn’t want to try a sample of LUV superfoods chocolates and be filled with a “bite” of instant love and happiness?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, join us during Fun First Friday on February 3 from 5-7pm and enjoy live music plus chocolate, plus a sip of wine.

All LUV products are 20% off during the entire month.  

Be sure and visit the LUV website for more information: www.luvsuperfoods.com.

LUV Superfoods Products
LUV Superfoods

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  • commented 2016-04-08 17:33:30 -0400
    Fantastic article on a creative powerhouse- Lisa Leleu. She is a renaissance woman, and her superfood chocolate goodies are delicious! Wonderful photos, too!


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