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29 W State St., Doylestown PA
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MON-FRI: 10:00am - 7:00pm
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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
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Meet our Fresh Bread Producers: Philly's LeBus

LeBus Bakery Production

Who doesn’t love a fresh bread or muffin or croissant? When you shop at the Doylestown Food Market, you have the opportunity to purchase just that on any day from our early morning delivery of LeBus Bakery products. Although the Market does not carry the full range of LeBus products, the Bakery produces an assortment of breads, baguettes, boules, rolls, bagels and breadsticks.

I had the opportunity to interview LeBus Bakery Vice President, Anthony Labetti, to learn about how the Bakery began and how it has grown over the years. The first thing Anthony recommended is to refer to the website because the history is stated so poetically: “On a chilly morning in November, 1978, David Braverman opened the window of an old school bus he had converted to a food vending truck and greeted the first LeBus customer.”

Anthony added that David was already “thinking outside the box” when he included serving a brewed coffee with cinnamon along with his muffins and sandwiches. As the sandwich business increased, David wanted specific breads that he could not find and thus, the multigrain bread was the first that he perfected. So, on his truck, early morn, David would make the bread, then start making the sandwiches with that bread. From there, the items offered started to grow.

Following in a progression of other locations after the food truck, David opened a bakery to supply breads to restaurants, hotels and other venues in Philadelphia. As Anthony says, “True story - Chef Georges Perrier of Le-Bec Fin was one of his first customers that bought baguettes from David.” Then, 14 years ago David built a manufacturing plant in King of Prussia and started baking and shipping bread all over the tri-state area. 

David Braverman LeBus Bakery

David Braverman

z_anthony_labetti_VP.Anthony Labetti LeBus Bakery

Anthony Labetti

Just out of curiosity I asked Anthony what David was doing before the first LeBus food truck. His answer: “David was a music teacher for children at a local synagogue as well as an orchestra conductor.” Anthony continues, “To this day, one of David’s biggest pleasures is playing the piano. In fact, a lot of his current free time is spent perfecting his craft as a pianist.” Thanks to all of us who love LeBus breads and other products, David’s other passion has always been cooking and baking and creating new recipes. 

And that’s where Anthony fits into the business. As the Vice President, and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Anthony handles all the day-to-day operations or as he puts it, “All the nuances that would normally keep an owner in the business.” This allows David to focus on recipe development and problem solving with the breads and pastry.

Anthony describes it as a perfect fit with himself at the helm of managing the business and David creating new products. “We’re both doing what each of us likes to do best.” Anthony continues: “We’re both foodies. When you think about this business, we’re a full-fledged manufacturing plant, but we have a foodie mentality. We want to make good products and continue to innovate and make new products for our customers.” 


One thing I didn’t know and was delighted to learn is that all the LeBus breads are GMO free. Anthony explained that turning the bakeshop into a non-GMO facility was a personal quest of both his and David’s. Even though there’s an added production cost for using non-GMO oil and sugar, and recipes had to be changed, they both felt strongly about not raising customer prices. “We work hard at being competitively priced and still do the right thing.” Anthony said their chefs like to promote the fact that the breads are GMO free, and a number of retail customers specifically want non-GMO products. “We put the emphasis on the quality of the product. Our customer base will continue to expand, especially as they have a sense of what’s good for them.” 

The interview concluded with Anthony providing an update on the business. “We’ve just gone through a major renovation to give employees better working conditions with new locker rooms and break rooms. We have a real love and passion for the people who work here and we want to grow that. We’ve also modernized some equipment and updated the bakeshop to support us in continuing to make great bread.” 

LeBus Bakery

You will have two opportunities to sample a variety of LeBus Bakery breads during the month. Join us at the Market during our Fun First Friday festivities on April 1, from 5 – 7 pm, and then again on Sunday, April 24, from 10:30 – 12:30 pm. 

Enjoy 20% off all LeBus breads during the month.

You can learn more about LeBus Bakery on their Facebook page and website: http://lebusbakery.com.

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