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A Market for Everyone owned by our Community
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Beautiful Products You Can Feel Safe Using: Pearls of Nature

Pearl RhodesPearls of Nature is a line of handcrafted natural skincare products that we are proud to carry at the Doylestown Food Market. Pearl Rhodes is the creator, producer, and owner of this business started four years ago. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in all the products which include body polishes, oils, lotions, soaps and cleanses.

Most of the ingredients are USDA certified organic, fair trade, sustainable, and/or Ecocert certified. European standards are used for formulating the products that contain no artificial colors, dyes, fragrances, parabens or chemical preservatives. These are products you can feel safe using.

Pearl reflects on how her early experiences influenced her current lifestyle and business choices. Her grandparents played a significant part in her formative years, as she watched and learned how to grow plants and flowers in their “small yet beautiful yard” in Philadelphia. “I grew up with a great appreciation for whole foods, texture, color, feel, and taste. I also grew up with a love of plants, with all their varied textures, colors, and aromas. I was always in the dirt and in the kitchen – exploring, learning, and reading everything I could get my hands on related to raw ingredients, cooking, the science of baking, and plants. I eventually decided to make food for the skin.” 

Pearl’s upbringing had a major impact on her decision to be in the business she has embraced. “My family encouraged learning from infancy. I started traveling right out of high school, and my love of nature, food, culture, and the great outdoors took me to many parts of the world.”

In fact, Pearl’s first international trip was right out of high school, traveling to Europe with a friend. “We went to Paris, stayed in a boutique hotel, and just explored.  We would shop at the supermarket for our dinner meal where we would buy roasted chicken, vegetables, and a healthy drink and bring it back to our hotel room. It was fantastic.” From that experience Pearl learned how Europeans shop. “They don’t do a lot of supermarkets like we do. They get up and buy their foods every day – their bread, their coffee, their fresh vegetables at the market.” Pearl reflects on the experience. “Shopping and eating this way, not only are you getting fresh food but you’re waking up your senses every day. Getting out and getting your day off to a good start gives you a sense of purpose and structure - you walk, breathe in fresh air, and talk to people.” 




Pearl attended the Wharton School of Business and worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries; however, she is primarily self-taught in the fields of aromatherapy, holistic/herbal, medicine, and integrative medicine. The synergy of education from family, a variety of educational programs, and people, places, and experiences from around the world has well prepared Pearl for her current endeavor. 

Part of the synergy of events that led Pearl to developing her business model includes spending many hours and days by her father’s side during a year of illness. Not only did she research options to surgery for him, but also pulled together all the things she had learned through the years from her notes, various books and articles she read, and her conversations with people.“I started to think about what I wanted my company to look like, feel like, what I wanted our mission to be, and what I wanted people to get even when they look at our products because while part of it is taking care of the skin, it’s also taking care of your overall well being.”

Pearl helps her customers understand the connection that lifestyle choices and stress have on the skin and how the essential oils and other ingredients used in her products can make a difference. “As this business develops, I already have in mind seeing how we can include more wellness products and also tie nutrition into what we do.” 

Again and again Pearl circles back to her love of “all the bounty that nature has to offer.” Pearl comments how observing the design, instinctive processes, and balance in nature provides her with ongoing inspiration for her business. “It inspires me to see those things every day and to know that having a healthy body, healthy skin, and healthy mind is about having a balance in many things.” Pearl values both the complex and simple wonders of life, and her values and inspiration are reflected in her beautiful products.  


Learn more about Pearls of Nature at the website: www.pearlsofnature.com.

You will have two opportunities to meet and talk with Pearl and sample her products: Saturday, August 6, and Saturday, August 27, both days from 1-3 pm.

Remember to stock up on your Pearls of Nature products throughout the month and receive a 20% discount.



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